Step by Step for Studying in Canada

The process for studying in Canada is as follows.

Step 1: Initial Counsulting

* It is the most important step for studying in Canada.

* It is the step to set up a plan to study in Canada following student’s purpose and condition.

* Region, college, and how to enter college would be decided in this step.

* After initial counsel, we can expect progress plan, costs, and period of studying.

Step 2: Applying to College

* Once student choose a college where he/she wants to go, we will apply to college with necessary documents.

* Type of school can be divided into Secondary School, Private English School, College English School, and College.

Step 3: Applying to Study Permit(Visa)

* Study permit can be applied after receiving Letter of Admission from the school.

* It proceeds with writing necessary documents list depending on student.

Step 4: Preparation for Departure

* It is the last step that student prepare for departure in Vietnam.

* We explain etiquette in Canada and difference of culture, how to activate cellphone, how to open bank account, how to live in homestay and distribute Canada map.

* Booking an airline ticket and airport pick-up service, assigning homestay will proceed.

Step 5: Preparation for College Entrance

* There are many steps to do before entering school for students who have IELTS/TOFEL score or not.

* It includes booking English level test before starting date, guide how to register for classes, how to sign up for website, how to transfer to University, Job Fair information, and so on.

* Extending study permit during stay in Canada.