University Transfer

Students can transfer to university with credits of college in Vietnam or Canada. In this case, university in Canada approves entrance with admitted credits.

The way to transfer to university is after graduation of college in Vietnam or to transfer through college Canada, or to transfer through conditional admission of private language school. University in Canada usually requires certificate of high school, transcript of high school and college, and English test results such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Advantage of Transfer

It has advantages that can save time and cost to transfer. If students graduated the program which same or similar as they want to apply and complete courses required from university in Canada, they do not need to take courses again. Few courses can be admitted if it is same as courses required from university in case of the major is totally different from what they want to apply. However, advantage of transfer could be disadvantage in case of poor language skill or difficult of adjustment, so students should consider which option is the best for them.

Type of Transfer

  1. Transfer to University from Vietnam

It is difficult to transfer from university in Vietnam to university in Canada, so it is the best option to transfer to university linked with local one. In case of transfer to graduate school with same major, it can usually accept student to entrance with lower TOEFL scores than standard, but it would be quite difficult if students change their major. The concept of transfer to university in Canada is authorization of academic credit that students received in Vietnam, it is not important what year students can be in. After deciding the program to apply, it should be checked how many credits are admitted.

Each university has different assessment standard and all students have different situation such as nationality, education background, major, completed course, so the credit which can be transferred can be different depending on universities even they are same program.

Therefore, second year student in Vietnam cannot transfer to third year in Canada, but it is important how many credits can be transferred.

  1. Transfer to University after Entrance College

It is much easier to transfer to university in second or third year after graduating college than the way to transfer from Vietnam right away. It is preferred for students who have low English level or grades in previous school.

Most of the colleges require only certificate of high school and entrance grades, and colleges connected with university have University Transfer Program.

* University Transfer Programs

University Transfer Program that is total 60 credits is one of the programs within colleges or university colleges in Canada and it is common courses as first and second year of universities, so students who complete only first year can transfer to university. However, most of the universities admit credits when students get good grades over than B+. It is common route to transfer from college to university because of the characteristic that graduation is more important than entrance in Canada, and many students are trying to transfer to prestigious universities.

  1. Entrance University with Conditional Admission

Language School in Canada provides ESL program to improve foreigner’s language skill, certificate programs, or university/college transfer program. It is divided into private language school and language school in college. If students complete university transfer program, they can apply to university without English test. Students who do not have experience of studying abroad apply private language school first to improve English skill because language school in college is more academic.

Transfer Procedure

01 Check transfer credit is possible or not

02 Receive letter of acceptance

03 Submit documents

– Application Fee

– Written Application Form

– Transcript and Certificate from High School

– Transcript of School before Transfer

– Course Syllabus (course over B+ can be transfer credit)

– English Test Results (IELTS or TOEFL)

04 Necessary Period

It usually takes 2-3 months for entrance procedure and applying student visa. Student visa can be applied after receiving letter of acceptance.