Upper Madison College (UMC High School) a private high school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education. UMC High School is located in the heart of vibrant North York, Toronto. The school offers Middle SchoolHigh School and English language programs to take a step to prestigious colleges and universities in Canada.

At UMC High School:

  • Small classes (from 10 to 15 students ) –> teachers can focus and care for individuals.
  • Qualified teacher with prestigious qualifications. 
  • Recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education for granting Secondary School credits.
  • Admissions throughout the year: Fall (Sep. – Dec.), Winter (Jan. – Feb.), Spring (Mar. – Jun.) and Summer (Jul. – Aug.) 
  • – Study in Toronto City (Ontario) and Montreal City (Quebec)

1. Prime location – Toronto and Montreal Campus

Campuses of Upper Madison College are located in 2 big City in Canada: Toronto City (Ontario) and Montreal City (Quebec).

  • UMC High School Toronto is located in the northern part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the famous Yonge Road – Toronto’s main commercial area. This is Canada’s cultural, entertainment and financial city. Because of this, Toronto becomes a potential place to learn languages because it is a diverse ethnic and linguistic city. Moreover, the school is located right in the main street and is on the way to North York subway station, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and theaters.
  • UMC High School Montreal is located in the heart of La Place des Arts entertainment area with 6 concert halls and theaters, including: Montreal Symphony House, a contemporary art museum, a shopping mall of Underground City and a square that regularly has concerts. UMC is also located right next to Place-des-Arts subway station and a 5-minute train ride from McGill University.

2. Why choose to study High School program at UMC High School?

  • At UMC, each course is designed following the guidelines of the Ministry of Education of the Province of the Ontario.
  • 95% of UMC’s graduates (2011-2012) are accepted to many well-known universities such as University of Toronto, Waterloo University, Mc Master University, York University, Simon Fraser University, Ryerson University and more. In addition, 100% of our graduates are qualified to study in all community colleges in Canada.
  • 13% of UMC’s graduates are accepted to universities with scholarship.
  • UMC is format expert educational counselor help our students create their study plan and prepare their post-secondary application.
  • Multilingual support Staff to help students in study and living.
  • UMC provides day time classes as well as night time classes for all 3 semesters of the year. It allows the students to complete a 4-year-high-school program in 2.5 years.

  –   Objects for admission: Grade 7 to Grade 12 

  • Tuition of 15,500 CAD/year (Grade 7-8)
  • Tuition of 17,000 CAD/10 months (Grade 9-12)

–   Fees:

  Standard Amount Remark 
Registration fee One time 200.00
Airport pick up One time 150.00 One way
Insurance  Year 550.00
Student fee Year 100.00
Placement fee  One time 200
Homestay fee 10 months 10,000 3 meals/ day
Custodianship letter fee Year 2,000.00
Uniform Pack.  One time 180.00