It is known as one of the biggest public college in British Columbia, Douglas College was establish in 1970 with more 15.000 students, in addition there are 2.000 international students from 83 different nations and more 200 Vietnamese students. Douglas College provides fully education level including certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree and university transfer.

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Attending in Douglas College, international students have chances to study in wonderful environment with 2 campus are located in central of Metro Vancouver. Douglas College is near subway station over 2 minutes. Douglas College offers the small class size and lower fee than another one in Canada. Besides, students have opportunities to get a job after graduating 2 years program in there.

Located in Metro Vancouver from 1970s, Douglas College is one of the biggest public college in the West of Canada. Besides qualified English program (ESL), Douglas College offers bachelor’s program since 4 years, transferring program since 2 years, college and other programs.

Moreover, students can complete university transfer in Douglas College and apply to study third year in the top university in Canada. There are over 14.000 student in Douglas College, including 950 international students comes from 50 nations per year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho douglas college


–          Programs that are practical and applied.

–          Although students study same program, qualify as in university, they can save money when apply 2 years program of Douglas College.

–          A clear pathway to university. All credits students have in Douglas College will be accepted by other universities in BC province.

–          The opportunity to gain Canada work experience with many different fields such as technology, IT, finance, economy, hospitality and so on.

–          The opportunity to stay globally-engaged.

–          New Westminster locates in the central of Metro Vancouver. It takes 20 minutes by car from Metro Vancouver and 20 minutes by Sky train from Vancouver.

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–          Douglas International Office:

  1. International Admissions: provides programs’ information for international students.
  2. International Student Services
  3. International Academic Advising

–          Douglas Learning Center

–          Co-op Education

–          Career Centre


  1. ESL: Students do not have enough conditions to apply.
  2. Degree at Douglas: Our bachelor’s degrees are equivalent to those offered at universities. But here’s the difference: our degrees are applied, which means you’ll have opportunities to take what you’ve learned and actually do it – before you graduate. Our instructors work with industry professionals to ensure you get the skills and hands-on experience you need to launch a rewarding career.
  3. University Transfer: University Transfer means you start studying for your degree at Douglas and transfer to another school to complete your studies. Douglas is the starting point to over 1,000 different degree programs around the world including UBC, SFU, University of Victoria, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, McGill University, and many more.
  4. Career Program: we offer many one and two year career programs to help prepare you to enter a new job or upgrade to a higher position in your current field as soon as you graduate.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho douglas college


Program Age GPA English
College and university Students is from 17 to 19 years old have to submit high school diploma GPA >= 7.0 (grade 10,11,12)

With sciences field, GPA>=7.5

IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 83
Post-Degree No requirement GPA >=6.0 (degree) IELTS 6.5 (no band below 6.0)

TOEFL 83 (no band below 20)

*IELTS score from 5.0 to 6.0, they will learn ELLA program since 4 months to 12 months.

*Students have IELTS score below 5.0 or no IELTS certificate, they will learn in ILAC, ILSC, ELS, Kaplan, EF


Intake Studying time Deadline
Winter Jan– April 30 Sep of the previous year
Summer May – Aug 30 Jan
Fall Sep – Dec 30 May

*Some faculty will not receive application before deadline


 Kết quả hình ảnh cho douglas college



Fee 17,400 CAD/ year/ 30 credits 580 CAD/ credits
Accommodation 950 CAD/ per month Including 3 meals in day
Insurance 37.5 CAD/ per month  
Book 300 CAD/ 1 semester  
Travel 41 CAD/ per month Bus, Sky Train, Sea Bus



Name Condition Cost Note
Entry scholarship IELTS >=7.0


1,000 CAD Auto
Merit based scholarship IELTS >=7.0


2,500 CAD Students submit essay and apply scholarship after receiving LOA
Scholarship for the second year students GPA >=3.2 500 – 1,000 CAD Auto