Founded in 1964, British Columbia Institute of Technology is the largest post-secondary in Vancouver with 5 campus, is workplace of 2.200 instructors and staffs. BCIT has over 50.000 students study per year. It is seen that the most favorite school with different level and various fields for students.

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Why choose BCIT?

–          Canada’s largest post-secondary institutions.

–          More 50.000 students study per year.

–          Instructors have many practical experiences and curriculum is continually updated.

–          Training programs for top recruitment and associations in industry field support.

–          BCIT is one on the top schools in transferring application knowledge through growing abilities and operating overseas shows in developing countries.

–          From 2005, the number of international students increases to 200%, there are over 2.400 international students from 85 different nations in BCIT now.

–          For more decade ago, BCIT co-operated with 150 organizations, more 20 in those provide many programs in board for 5.000 international students.

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Investment in education creates many career opportunities for students. BCIT provides many programs for students easily choose.

♦Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Certificate


Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Engineering



Post-graduate Application Sciences

♦Engineer (Post-graduate)

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Intake Start time Open Time
Winter Sept – Oct 1 Nov – 30 Jan
Spring Jan 01 May – 01 Nov
Fall Apr – May 01 June – 30 Dec in previous year


  1. Tuition: $4,804 – $11,561 CAD/ semester

BCIT’s tuition will be increase 2% in per year. Therefore, in April of year, BCIT will update tuition and fees and officially apply on August.

Tuition including:

–          BCIT Student Union Fee

–          Health insurance fee

–          Documents

–          Student card fee

–          School construction fee

–          Capital Levy Tax

  1. Accommodation: $1,500 CAD/ month. Included accommodation, meals, travel, entertainment, so on

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–          Graduated high school with good level

–          English requirement:

+ Diploma, certificate: IELTS 5.5 or more

+ Bachelor: IELTS 6.5


ISEP is designed for international students who are unable to meet the BCIT English entrance requirements in their program of choice. This course provides 5 level in 7 week and 25 hours in per week, focusing on improving 4 skills: reading, speaking, listening, writing.

Students can apply diploma programs after completing ISEP in BCIT and met English entrance requirement.

Tuition and Fee of ISEL:

Fee $2502 CAD/level
Student Association Fee and Tax (Capital Levy) $17.82 CAD/level/semester
Construction Fee $62.40 CAD/ year
Student card Fee $7.50 CAD/year
Arranging class Fee $120 CAD