Alexander College is a private education institution which offers Associate Degrees as well as first and second year university courses for students wishing to transfer to a Bachelor Degree program in Canada.

Alexander College was established in 2006, is located in a temperate climate with majestic beautiful landscape, with advanced and qualified education system. This is a reason why more and more students choose to study in there.

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Alexander College is a private college named after an explorer who discovered the Pacific Bay on July 22, 1973 – Alexander Mackenzie. He was recognized as a contributor to the history of Canada. Alexander College is a member of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT).

Alexander College is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver and in central Burnaby. Our students enjoy a vibrant urban environment with instant access to transportation, shopping and entertainment, as well as the natural beauty of the area. Vancouver is also known with 2 favorable universities in the world including Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of British Columbia (UBC) and another college. SFU and UBC are Alexander College’s partner. After completing University Transfer Programs in Alexander College, students will transfer to UBC and SFU.

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Why choose Alexander College?

–          Small class sizes, with limits set at 35 students or less for all subjects.

–          Well qualified, fully engaged staff and instructors available to provide student-centered support.

–          Personalized academic planning and advising services.

–          Free tutoring for all courses.

–          An urban experience, with campuses located in central Burnaby and Vancouver. Inclusive and interactive clubs, events, and indoor/outdoor activities.

–          Consideration of international course work and credentials.

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English for Academic Purposes Program

University Transfer Program

Associate Degree Program

Pre-master Programs connecting with Thompson Rivers University

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University Transfer Associate of Arts Degree (including Business, Economics, and Psychology concentrations) Associate of Science Degree: $500/ per credit

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program

+ E 094, E 095, E 096, E097 (20 hours per week): $4,680

+ E 098 (15 hours per week): $3,510

+ E 099 (10 hours per week): $2,340

Application Fee: $150

Accommodation: 7,600 per year