Our Story

“We are always here for you.”

Who We Are

Hello Friends
We, YOUNG Education Centre, were established in 2009 in Korea and have been with a large amount of student who plans to study in Canada. We are an authorized and qualified agency by institutions, colleges in Canada. Also we have won award-winning agency from many Canadian colleges.
We are proud of being the most specialized company in studying in Canada. YOUNG Education Centre pursues the values of dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm. YOUNG Education Centre has always put the benefit of students to the top, has become a prestigious brand and high trust of parents and students during the past years. We do not just do consulting work. In addition to providing complete information, we also have the responsibility to provide the information that is most beneficial to our customers. In addition to accurate information about our school and country, we also look at customer preferences and provide career guidance, job prospects, financial projections, study travel schedules so that both save and achieve the highest results.
Our work does not stop with the students boarding, we will continue to be a companion, a connection between family, school, and students during their studies in Canada. In a case of any difficulties, we will work with the school to assist with the resolution to ensure the maximum benefit of the students.
To continue the success in Korea, we decided to expand our market to Vietnam as the Canada Education Consultancy (CEC).
Canada Education Consultnacy is the official representative of hundreds of prestigious universities and colleges in Canada. Therefore, when students go to Canada through the CEC, students will enjoy the highest benefits at the lowest cost

Hyunjung Choi, Director